Case Study

This is one of my favorite clients, if any other client is reading this please disregard that. They are my favorite coffee shop in Naples, Florida. I was privileged to help them achieve their online presence and reach their goals with digital work that involves websites, video content, infographics, print design and a lot of other things in between.


Kunjani Craft Coffee



What I did

Web Design, Social Media Management, SEO. 


Web Design

The website was designed according to their brand guidelines. I used their dark red color from the logo to create contrast and call to actions. It features a food and drink menu, a custom online shop integration with shopify and a chatbot that help increase conversions.


Responsive Design

The website was mobile optimized for better user experience, it looks and works great on any size screen.



I help them achieve first place in searches for local coffee shops. Their Google business page was optimized for engagement with customers, managing to collect over 200 positive reviews.